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UK payroll for non-UK based businesses


A service for non UK based businesses, with a few UK employees


The majority of our clients are small UK businesses with UK employees. However, we recognise that there are employers based outside the UK, that have some employees within the UK.

For these companies it is often impractical for their Payroll Manager to keep abreast of all the relevant UK payroll legislation alongside that of their own country. We also recognise that for employers outside the UK, the time taken to process UK payslips would be considerably disproportionate to the time spent on the bulk of their payroll. There is, of course, also the added complication of currency changes. So, We have developed a specialist service to assist payroll professionals outside the UK to ensure that their UK employees are paid in a timely manner, and in their own currency.

calculatorThe additional services available to our clients based outside the UK include making payments to Her Majesty’s Revenue and Customs and to third-parties (i.e. pension providers, voluntary deductions) on behalf of the client. We will also process credits direct in to employee’s bank accounts (where required).

To ensure that tax code changes and other information from HM Revenue and Customs is processed in a timely manner, we can use the address of our Payroll Processing Centre for correspondence from HM Revenue and Customs.

We can also (for an additional charge) complete other statutory forms for you; for example, the annual return of benefits in kind (i.e. company cars, health contributions, employee loans etc etc).

ae compliantThe next major issue affecting payroll administration in the UK is the introduction of “Automatic Enrolment”.  This places a requirement on employers to automatically enroll certain employees in to an approved pension scheme.  There are complex administrative burdens placed on employers for this, including the need to check every pay day if staff should be enrolled.  We are offering a comprehensive solution to assist our clients to fulfil their “AE” responsibilities.

USA flag To make it easier (and cheaper!) for our USA and Canada based clients to contact us, we have a New York telephone number which connects direct to our office – 1 646 416 6582.

In summary, we can act as your UK Payroll Office.

We would want to meet all the requirements of a UK Payroll Office for you, and so it is difficult to cost our services without knowing your specific needs.

Please contact us to discuss your requirements, or complete our ‘request a quote’ form and we will then be able to prepare a comprehensive proposal for you.


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